Should I Get an Okmulgee Criminal Record Expungement

Criminal record expungement in Okmulgee is a right but you’ve got to qualify. There is no doubt; living with a criminal record decreases your quality of life. But all is not lost. Oklahoma Law provides a procedure for giving you a fresh start. Regardless of the record being a felony or misdemeanor, if you meet certain criteria you can obtain an Expungement. Title 22 Okla. Stat. ยง 18.

Criminal Record Expungement is Your Right

An Expungement is a court order from the district court in the County where the record is from. The expungement directs the court clerk, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies, to seal certain items in your record from public disclosure. Sealing your record basically means the information is erased and hidden from public view. But the question is why should you get an Expungement?

Benefits From a Record ExpugementCriminal Record Expungement

Living with a criminal record exposes you to several adverse effects which can all be avoided by obtaining an Expungement of your criminal record. There is no doubt that when you have a criminal history you suffer from a tarnished reputation. But it effects much more. You may lose your right to vote, carry a firearm; you can be denied residential rentals or admission into colleges or even have your professional license revoked. It may also be harder for you to find adequate employment, you may not advance in your career, and your negative record can cause problems during court child custody disputes, immigration issues and you may experience higher rates for car and personal insurance. All of these negative effects vanish when you obtain an Expungement.

The Expungement Process in OklahomaCriminal Record Expungement

Expungements are not guaranteed and only certain categories of people will be granted a fresh start. For example; a person charged with a crime and later acquitted by a jury may be entitled to seal the fact that he/she was arrested, charged and tried by the courts. If you think you may fit into one of nearly 20 categories you should contact an experienced criminal Expungement attorney. Having a lawyer handle your Expungement increases the chances that it will be granted. To begin the process you will need to collect all the information associated with your criminal record. You must obtain enough information to prove that you qualify.

Next our Okmulgee attorney prepares a Petition, to be filed with the District Court, requesting the Expungement. Every law enforcement agency associated with the original charge, prosecution and/or conviction must be served the petition so they have the opportunity to object. In the event your Expungement is granted, the court will direct the court clerk, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies, to seal all the records associated with your arrest, prosecution and conviction or acquittal.

Okmulgee County Expungement Lawyers

If you’ve got a criminal record you’ve got the right to have the record sealed. This is the law but you must qualify. Criminal defense reform in Oklahoma forced the courts to change the law regarding what can an cant be expunged. Call the Okmulge expungement attorneys at Kania law office and let us seal that record.