Unemployment Appeals

Our Okmulgee unemployment appeals lawyers help you get wrongfully denied unemployment benefits. After the loss of a job there are financial and social struggles. Unemployment benefits help you offset the difficulties in both of these areas. State benefits provide you with a weekly cash payment and give you access to programs designed to help you find a new job. If you win your appeal the cash benefits last for 26 weeks and the jobs programs continue to be available at any time.

Okmulgee Unemployment Appeals Lawyers

If you’ve been denied your unemployment benefits you can appeal the denial. Many people don’t understand this. Its an appeal that’s done more often than many people might expect. If you’ve applied for unemployment and been denied you have rights. One of those rights is to appeal the denial. The next right is to be represented by an Okmulgee unemployment appeals lawyers of your choice.

Appealing Denied Unemployment

If you’ve been denied your unemployment benefits there are strict rules for filing your appeal. The appeals are time sensitive and if you miss the time to file the appeal its too late. There are also strict rules for the appeal hearing itself. Rules like what evidence is admissible and at what time during the hearing is it relevant. 

Okmulgee Unemployment Basics

 These are all questions people have in regards to unemployment, when will I get the benefits, how much will they be, and where do they go? First, you will get your benefits on a weekly basis. Second, benefits are not a set amount. They will be different each person and to find out how much you will receive will require a little math. You will need to take your highest quarter and times that number by 1/23.

How Unemployment Benefits are Calculated

Are you wondering what a quarter is for the equation above? Don’t stress it’s easy to figure out. First, a quarter is a period of time in the year. The first quarter is January- March, the second is April-June, third is July-September, and the fourth is October-December. You need to look at the last 4 completed quarters, this means that if it is October then you do not count the quarter that you are in you will instead look back to the previous 4 quarters. Now that you have determined the quarters applicable to you which one did you make the most money in? Take that amount and times it by the 1/23.

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How Do I Receive My Money

Now that you know when and how much you need to find out how to actually get your benefits. There are two ways to get them: direct deposit or debit card. If you choose direct deposit you will just need to fill out a form to provide your banking information so that they can deposit your benefits. If you decide to go the debit card route then they will send you a specific debit card that they can deposit your benefits onto.

How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits

First, make sure that you qualify! You will need to have made at least $1,500 and have worked for a minimum of six months. You also can’t have lost your job due to misconduct. If you quit your job and had a good reason for it then you may still qualify. Hint! A good reason is something like the job was dangerous and is not I didn’t like it.

Second, make sure you have all of the required information handy. This will include information on your last employer, and any employers you have had in the last 18 months. The information you will need about them will be included on a W-2 or a paystub most likely.

You will need to know when you began employment with them and when you left, how much you earned while there, and if you were paid weekly, bi-weekly, etc. Have you served in the military in the last 18 months? If so I bet you can guess what they want, your DD-214. Also, if you left a federal government position you will need to fill out a specific form. Do you have an alien registration number? If so make sure you have it. The unemployment office in Okmulgee County has a complete list of what you’ll need for your initial application.

Unemployment Appeals Lawyer Near You

If you’ve been denied your Oklahoma unemployment benefits we can help you appeal the decision. Many employers wrongfully deny your claim hopping that you wont appeal the decision. This is where our employment appeals attorneys come in. We have the legal experience and understand the rules that govern unemployment appeals. You don’t have to go it alone. Call and get a free consultation today