Okmulgee Expungement Attorneys

Okmulgee Expungement Attorneys

Our Okmulgee expungement attorneys will help you seal your criminal record in Oklahoma. Expungements formally seal criminal records from the public eye. If you’ve been arrested or plead to a criminal case it follows you around like a bad dream. Both felony and misdemeanors can stop you from getting a good job or other benefits you need. There are several different types of expungements so Read on to learn more and see if you qualify.

Arrested in Oklahoma No Charges Filed

If you were arrested for but no charges were filed against you, you can expunge the records related to the arrest and booking. The key is that you have to wait for statute of limitations for refilling the charge to expire. Oklahoma prosecutors have three years to file these charges against you, so we can expunge the arrest records if three years have passed since the arrest.

Convictions for Misdemeanor Crimes

Different time limits apply depending on if the charges were filed and what type of sentence you received. If you’ve never been convicted of a felony and there are no pending felony or misdemeanor charges pending against you, a misdemeanor on your record can be expunged if:

All charges against you were dismissed and the district attorney has declined to re-file the charges or the statute of limitations for refilling the charges has expired;

· The charge was dismissed following the successful completion of a deferred judgment or delayed sentence and at least one year has passed since the charge was dismissed;

You were convicted and sentenced to a fine of less than Five Hundred One Dollars ($501.00) without a term of imprisonment or a suspended sentence, and the fine has been paid or satisfied by time served in lieu of the fine;

Upon a conviction, you were sentenced to a term of imprisonment. Or a suspended sentence or a fine in an amount greater than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) was imposed. And, and at least five years have passed since the completion of the misdemeanor sentence

Expungements can be tricky but they are worth it. It’s almost as if the crime never happened. An experienced expungement attorney can be your guide through the process.

Okmulgee Expungement Attorneys

Having a misdemeanor on your record can be a major setback in life. Your conviction can show up on background checks and ruin job opportunities. Do not despair. Our

qualified Okmulgee expungement attorneys can help you get your record sealed. Give us a call today for a free consultation.