Family Law

Family law in Okmulgee is a diverse practice area. Every day, throughout Oklahoma, our Okmulgee lawyers help families resolve family law issues. Our family law practice handles cases involving divorce, alimony, child custody, support, and paternity.

Clients involved in family law cases have a lot at stake. Cases involvingFamily Law child custody and divorce are some of the most important cases. The reason is that in most family law cases the lives of children are impacted by what happens. Not only are the lives of the children and parents effected by the current court orders but, the orders continue impacting lives until the children age out.

What ever kind of case you have our Okmulgee family lawyers understand family law. From the very first time we meet with you, our focus is on both current and long term issues. Although the immediate child custody or support order is important, we understand that the relationship you have with your child is forever impacted by what we do today.

Types of Family Law Cases

Divorce. Our Okmulgee lawyers handle all divorce cases. Divorce cases can be either agreed or contested. They can also be with or without children. Regardless of what your circumstances are we’ve done this kind of case before.

Child Custody in Okmulgee

In Okmulgee County there are several different kinds of Family Lawchild custody arrangements available. They range form sole custody to joint custody and everything in-between. When a Judge in Okmulgee decides a child custody case he or she is basing the decision on equity. Cases heard in Equity allow the Judge a great deal of discretion on how they decide the case. Equity looks more towards what is fair and equitable. This means that the Judge looks at the big picture. By doing this the Judge makes decisions that are designed to be in the best interest of the child.

Paternity Cases

 Otherwise known as Judicial determinations of paternity. This type of case involves children of unmarried parents. In some cases the parents agree the child is a child of their relationship and in others they don’t. They’re also situations where a person signs an affidavit of paternity. Many times this is done at the hospital when the child’s born and they sign acknowledging themselves as the father. They’re also other kinds of instruments that are signed acknowledging paternity. In any case, regardless of whether its disputed or not, paternity cases are complex. They require judicial determinations that can only be made by the Judge in the County the child is found.

Okmulgee Emergency Custody

This involves both guardianship’s and custody. Emergency custody is exactly what the title means. A case heard on an emergency basis is one that involves an immediate and articulated risk to the child. It involves an emergency custody hearing that the Judge in Okmulgee County hears on a priority basis.

Child Support Law

The amount of Child support in Oklahoma is determined by the child support calculator. This child support calculator looks to the custody arrangement, who pays for medical and other factors to reach a child support payment amount.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony or spousal support is another Family lawequitable issue. Like all other equitable issues the Judge in Okmulgee family court is attempting to do what’s fair. This means there isn’t a statute that says if  the parties are married for a certain amount of years they’re entitled to this much alimony. Rather, alimony looks to several factors. Among those factors is the need of the person asking for alimony together with the other parties ability to pay. Other factors include the length of the marriage and what’s been gained or given up as a result of the marriage.

Property Division in Divorce

This involves the division of assets that were accumulated by a couple during the duration of their marriage. Generally, if you acquired property while you were married its subject to division. The same thing applies to any debts that were acquired during the marriage.