Criminal Defense

criminal defense

Our Oklmulgee criminal defense lawyers help you get through a difficult time. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Oklmulgee County you understand just how stressful this is. The Okmulgee district attorneys office works closely with the Police to ensure they get the highest possible conviction rate. Here at the Okmulgee lawyers law office we work just as hard to get our clients acquittals or the best possible deal possible.

Okmulgee Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our criminal defense lawyers have the experience needed to see you through this difficult time. Our Oklmulgee lawyers have handled both misdemeanor and felony charges. In each type case we’ve brought to the court room the experience and dedication that’s required to reach positive outcomes for our clients.

Misdemeanor Crimes in Okmulgee

If you plea, or are found guilty after a trial, the sentencing comes in a variety of ways. This includes either a deferred or a suspended sentence. If you get a deferred sentence the court is withholding sentencing until after you finish probation. Upon completion of probation you’ve met all the standards the case may be dismissed. If on the other hand you receive a suspended sentence you’ve been convicted of the misdemeanor. Some examples of Misdemeanors we handle are:

  • Assault and battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Larceny
  • DUI alcohol
  • DUI Drugs
  • Possession of CDS
  • Breaking and Entering

Felony Crimes in Okmulgee

A felony is a crime that’s punishable by a fine and or a prison term over one year. Just like in a misdemeanor its the states burden to prove that a crime was omitted and that you omitted it. The process for a felony is much different than it is for a misdemeanor.

The process begins with a not guilty plea. This is straight forward and its done with your Okmulgee criminal defense lawyer. After the arraignment the case is set for a preliminary hearing. At this hearing your Okmulgee criminal defense lawyer is given the chance to cross examine the States witnesses. This hearing is a probable cause hearing. The state is required to meet its initial burden of showing that you probably committed the crime. If they meet their burden the case is set for jury trial or its plead out.