How Do I Get Full Child Custody In Okmulgee County?

Full Child Custody

You can get full child custody in Okmulgee County but it takes a focused and determined approach. While it is now common for divorced parents to share custody of their children, joint custody is not always in the best interests of every child. Your child’s needs and interests may be best served by a family law court awarding full custody to you alone. If…

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Legal Separation Vs. Divorce Which is Better in Okmulgee?

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce

Legal separation Vs. divorce is a huge question for couples unsure of their future. For couples in Oklmulgee County getting a divorce is a huge decision. Because it will ultimately end your marriage, it is something that you will want to be 100% certain about. A legal separation may be a better fit for your family and couples who don’t know whether legal separation…

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Do I Still Pay Child Support Payments If I Lose My Job?

Child Support Payments

Child support payments in Okmulgee are impacted if you lose your job. Every day, someone loses their job. In fact, since 2020, more than 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Millions are still struggling to rebuild their lives and meet their financial obligations. Included in these millions of struggling people are parents who owe child support. When you are behind in payments, the…

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What If My Ex Is Violating The Parenting Plan?

Violating The Parenting Plan

Violating the parenting plan in Okmulgee has many consequences for both parents. When couples have children, they only have the best for them in mind. If a couple separates, both parents are still responsible for the care and well-being of their children. Usually, separated parents develop parenting plans to help them co-parent. If you’re a separated or divorced parent, you probably have a parenting…

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Difference Between Divorce And Annulment in Oklahoma

The difference between divorce and annulment in Oklahoma is huge. Suppose you and a special someone get married. You’re in love and happy until, suddenly, you’re miserable and ready to leave. You decide that it’s best if you two separate. Only, you’re not sure how to go about it. Do you get an annulment or a divorce? Is there a difference? If so, how…

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Dividing Debts in Okmulgee Divorce

Dividing debts in Okmulgee divorce is part of the process. Our divorce clients often have questions and concerns about dividing debts in divorce.  In fact, when explaining the property division portion of a divorce, the dividing up of debts is our most common question.  In Oklahoma, the courts follow the “equitable division” doctrine. This doctrine seeks to divide assets and liabilities fairly.  However, fairly…

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How To Calculate Child Support in Okmulgee County

Child Support in Okmulgee County

Calculating child support in Okmulgee County is hot topic. In any legal decision regarding parents separating who have a child, child support and custody becomes the number one legal issue.  As a result, over 30,000 single parents in Oklahoma are the recipients of child support for their child-rearing expenses.  This is only slightly over 50% of the single-parent households in Oklahoma who are eligible…

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Okmulgee Common Law Marriage Lawyers

Common law marriage

Making the decision to divorce or remarry is a big decision that requires lots of forethought. If your potential marriage didn’t come with a license or have a ceremony you may still be married. Common law marriage in Okmulgee is a valid marriage but there are very strict requirements that must be met. Not all states recognize common law marriage but Oklahoma does. In…

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Modify Child Support in Okmulgee

Custody and child support is a long-term process.  When a person pays child support it generally lasts for years.  This means that a person paying child support will have the opportunity to go through several life changes before the payments end.  For example, it’s common that a person paying child support will change jobs more than once during the time the support order is…

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How To Make a Will in Okmulgee

How to make a will

The importance of knowing How to make a will in Okmulgee is illustrated by the following story. You may have heard of the Osage Indian nation murders over their oil fortune.  It’s now in a book “Killers of the Flower Moon”.  The murder conspiracy worked because the multi-million dollar oil fortune owned by the Osage could only pass through inheritance.  Thus, people had to…

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