What Is The Best Kind Of Child Custody in Okmulgee?

Best Kind Of Child Custody

Determining the “best” kind of child custody in Okmulgee depends on the specific circumstances of each family and the best interests of the child. What works for one family, may not necessarily work for another. Oklahoma law recognizes several types of child custody arrangements, each with its own advantages and considerations. Here we will discuss the main types of custody and what might make…

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What Is The Purpose Of Discovery in A Family Law Case in Oklahoma

Discovery in A Family Law Case

Discovery in a family law case is one of the most important steps you can face in these legal situations. This process helps both parties gather the necessary information to build their cases and reach a fair resolution. Understanding the purpose and process of discovery can provide valuable insights into how family law cases work and the importance of thorough preparation. Here we will…

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Can An Unwed Father Get Custody of His Child in Okmulgee County

Unwed Father Get Custody

There are many obstacles ahead of an unwed father getting custody of their children in Okmulgee County. However, it is entirely possible for an unwed father to obtain custody. This all depends on if certain legal requirements are met, and specific steps have been followed. As a result, a man who asserts himself as the father must take legal steps to ensure his rights….

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How Do I Get Joint Custody of My Kids in Okmulgee County?

Get joint custody

Working towards getting joint custody can be a long process. In Okmulgee County, many parents seeking to maintain a relationship with their children post-divorce or separation opt for these arrangements. These can involve both physical custody and legal custody. Each parent’s situation will determine which one will be a better fit for them. Because of this, understanding the process is important for parents who…

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What is Considered an Unfit Parent in Okmulgee?

Unfit Parent

It’s often debatable on what makes an unfit parent. In family law, particularly in cases involving child custody, the concept of an “unfit parent” is taken very seriously. Determining parental fitness matters to decisions about a child’s welfare and custody arrangements. Understanding what qualifies as an unfit parent, and the legal consequences, under Oklahoma law is important. This is especially the case for any…

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Defending Against a Bogus Protective Order in Okmulgee

Defend Against a Bogus Protective Order

Defending against a bogus protective order can feel like an insurmountable legal battle. In Okmulgee, protective orders are legal tools there to prevent harassment, abuse, or violence. However, there are instances where such orders are sought based on exaggerated, misleading, or entirely false allegations—often referred to as “bogus” protective orders. Being on the receiving end of a bogus protective order can have significant legal…

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How Do I Defend Against Domestic Assault by Strangulation Charges in Okmulgee

Domestic Assault by Strangulation

In Oklahoma, domestic assault by strangulation is a severe felony offense. This is due to its dangerous nature and the potential to inflict serious harm. Further, it can cause lifelong physical and mental damage to the victim. When you’re facing these charges, understanding your options and what comes next is imperative. Here, we’ll discuss exactly what these charges mean, your options for defenses, and…

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Do I Have to Probate a Will in Okmulgee County

Probate A Will

Having to probate a will after a loved one passes away can bring both emotional and legal challenges. In Okmulgee County, one of the first questions people ask is whether they need to probate a will. The answer to this is that for property to pass by a will the will must do through probate court. This is where a court validates a will…

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What Do I Do After A Fatal Car Accident?

Fatal Car Accident

Fatal car accidents are far too common and can be life changing for those involved. Not only does it impact the deceased person, but everyone around the accident including their family. For those involved in a fatal car accident due to their own actions, there are certain things that Oklahoma law requires you do. In this article, we will discuss what the next steps…

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Can I Appeal A Child Custody Case in Oklahoma

Appeal a child custody case

While you can appeal a child custody case, it can be difficult. Trying to navigate child custody can be one of the most emotionally challenging aspects of a divorce or separation. In Oklahoma, just as in other states, the main concern in custody cases is the best interest of the child. However, there may be instances where one party believes that the court’s decision…

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