What is an Illegal Gun Sale in Oklahoma?

Illegal Gun Sale in Oklahoma

An illegal gun sale in Oklahoma is a misdemeanor crime. You’ve been in the business of selling firearms for ten years, and you’ve done well. Then, one day, an officer comes into your shop and asks you whether you’ve ever sold firearms on the black market or outside your store? You shrug and answer, “Sometimes. Maybe.” The next thing you know, the officer says that you’re arrested for selling handguns to three buyers who were only twenty years old. Your eyes bulge. You didn’t know that was a crime and its time to find a criminal defense attorney. If you’ve found yourself in a similar predicament, continue reading to learn more about Oklahoma gun laws.

Oklahoma Unlawful Gun Possession Lawyers

An Illegal gun sale in Oklahoma is found in criminal statutes dealing with transferring or selling certain guns and is found at Title 21 Section 1289 .12 The law makes it illegal for a person with knowledge to sell or otherwise transfer a gun or shotgun or the like to certain classes of individual. Some of those classes of individual’s are set out below. If you are convicted under this section of the Oklahoma gun laws you will be punishable by the provisions set out in Section 12.89. This range of sentencing includes a fine of no less than $50.00 up to $500.00. You also face time in county jail from 10 days up to 6 months.

Selling To Prohibited Buyers

This might go without saying, but you certainly can’t sell firearms to felons, people with a substance use disorder, or people whom you know intend to use it to commit a crime. You also can’t sell a gun to a drunk person or a mentally incapacitated person.

If you’re a licensed weapons dealer, the state requires you to verify age and run a background check before you make a sale. Moreover, you must display a sign stating the law prohibits you from selling to certain persons in a clear, legible view of your patrons. Otherwise, you may face penalties.

Selling To Minors And Persons Under 21

It’s against the law to sell or give a firearm to a minor. You can’t sell a gun to juvenile delinquents either. Generally, a buyer needs to be eighteen to obtain a hunters or fishers gun license. Yet, all other buyers must be twenty-one years of age—not just the age of the majority. Otherwise, you may serve 30 days in jail and pay $250 for this misdemeanor charge. Furthermore, you’re at risk of having your license suspended. Also, please be aware that the state may charge you more harshly if the sale resulted in someone’s death or if you’ve committed this offense before.

Other Restrictions

You might think, “What if the person didn’t pay me in cash? What if I only gave it away for free, or what if we agreed to exchange the gun for a car?” Well, if you think this is a loophole of some sort—it isn’t. Oklahoma gun laws are clear that you can’t give, trade, or transfer a firearm to any restricted people above. Any exchange or transfer can end with you behind bars. Contact a knowledgeable Oklahoma gun law attorney as soon as possible for more information.

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As you now know, Oklahoma laws don’t permit you to sell guns to everyone. If you’ve sold a gun to a prohibited buyer, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in Okmulgee immediately. An experienced Oklahoma gun law attorney will work passionately on your behalf to protect your freedoms. We at Kania Law Office – Okmulgee Lawyers are those experienced criminal defense attorneys. We’ll work to get your charge(s) reduced or your case dismissed. Call us today for a free consultation at 918.621.8083