Threats By Phone in Oklmulgee

Threats By Phone

In a May 2017 article, NewsOK reports that members of the Irish Mob attempted silence witnesses in an upcoming murder trial.  The inmates used burn phones to call and text witnesses from jail.  These threats by phone were valid.  A carefully orchestrated attempt on one witness’s life left him in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest.  When the witness survived, threats continued over text and phone messages. In Oklmulgee the crime of threats by phone is a misdemeanor but can be enhanced depending on the situation.

Threats by Phone or Electronics

As you may suspect, threats by phone are illegal in Oklahoma.  You can find this under 21 O.S. §1172(A).  The law states that you may not:

– make calls or contact with lewd requests;

– call or contact another person to intentionally make threats, frighten, etc.;

– call or contact another person to make them fear for their life or fear death;

– anonymously calling or contacting another person to purposely annoy or harass them;

– allowing someone to use your phone or other communication device to annoy or harass another person, etc.

We are careful to use broad terms when describing the method of contact, because any type of communication device can be “threats by phone” under Oklahoma law.  Essentially, if you are harassing or threatening a person over social media or through text message, snapchat, etc. you are still liable for criminal charges.

Penalty For Threats in Oklahoma

A first conviction of threats by electronics or phone is a misdemeanor.  You will face a jail term of up to six months and fines.  However, the fines will vary depending on the level of threats.  Second offenses though are felonies.  These can subject you to one year imprisonment and increased fines.  Further, a felony conviction remains on your public record.  As a result, potential employers have access to this information and may legally refuse to hire you.

Okmulgee Criminal Defense Help

Our attorneys in Oklmulgee County understand that facing criminal charges are often a tool of vindictive exes or feuding family members.  Don’t let something like this end up on your criminal record.  Call our offices for the best possible criminal defense to your circumstances.  Our first consultation is free.