Okmulgee County Garnishment Attorneys

Okmulgee County Garnishment Attorneys

Our Okmulgee County Garnishment Attorneys help people understand garnishments in Oklahoma. If you’ve been garnished its probably true that you’ve been suffering financial problem for some time now. Whether it’s the constant creditor collection calls, hits to your credit score or money judgment its difficult. Sometimes the garnishment comes out of nowhere until it shows up in your paycheck. The unfortunate truth is that your options are limited when it comes to stopping the garnishment. The good news is that you do have some options and perhaps the best one you have is filing a bankruptcy.

The Maximum Garnishment Amount

The amount that can be taken out of your check is set by federal law. Generally speaking the garnishment amount is limited to 25% of your take home pay. In some cases the amount is higher and this usually is limited to child support payments. In the case of multiple garnishments one can’t start until the prior garnishment is paid. The judgment that leads to the garnishment includes the contract interest rate with the interest continuing until the garnishment is paid.

Bankruptcy Stops Garnishments

Filing bankruptcy is by far the best way to stop a garnishment. A garnishment is usually the result of a past due medical bills, repossession, and credit card debt or even payday loans. Fortunately an Oklahoma bankruptcy forgives all of the debt just mentioned. A chapter 7 stops the garnishment the minute it’s filed. The reason is that when the case is filed bankruptcy law requires all collection activity to stop.

Okmulgee Bankruptcy Lawyers Near You

Our Okmulgee County Garnishment Attorneys can help you end garnishments. Filing a bankruptcy will not only stop the garnishment but will forgive the debt. You can rid yourself of most of your unsecured debt. This includes garnishments, payday loans, repossessions, credit card and medical debt. Call and get a free and confidential consultation with an