Modify Child Support in Okmulgee

Custody and child support is a long-term process.  When a person pays child support it generally lasts for years.  This means that a person paying child support will have the opportunity to go through several life changes before the payments end.  For example, it’s common that a person paying child support will change jobs more than once during the time the support order is in place.  This should and can affect the amount of child support paid.  However, you must apply to modify child support in Okmulgee.

Reasons to Modify Child Support

The factors that Okmulgee Family Court recognizes when reviewing a request to modify child support are:

  1. Child’s medical needs and any changes in those needs.
  2. If either parent suffers an accident causing permanent disability.
  3. The child ages out of the system by reaching 18 years old.
  4. Job changes that alter the income of either parent.

Most people will think of the 4th factor of job changes as a promotion or increase in salary.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes, the job change is a loss of employment through layoffs or other events.


Process to Modify Child Support

Again, in order to modify child support, you must apply for a modification.  It does not just happen.  As a result, you can hire an attorney or you can go through the process by yourself.  If you choose to go the process pro se, then these are the basic steps:

First, write up the appropriate court papers.  The court clerk should know which forms you need.

Second, file the papers with the court clerk in the county that the child lives in.

Third, wait for the Judge to set a modification hearing OR request a mediation process.

Finally, the court will provide you with instructions.  Follow these instructions.

You can also visit the Oklahoma DHS site and search for the forms there.  Also, you will be able to find the application for the Pro Se mediation.  Pro Se mediation means you will not have an attorney present at the mediation

Okmulgee Child Support Attorneys

If you have a child support order in place and income has changed think about a child support modification. The important thing to remember about modifying child support is that it cant be modified backwards. This means that if you don’t modify it and you’d have qualified long ago its too late. This is because its only modifiable going forward, not going back.