How To Make a Will in Okmulgee

How to make a will

The importance of knowing How to make a will in Okmulgee is illustrated by the following story. You may have heard of the Osage Indian nation murders over their oil fortune.  It’s now in a book “Killers of the Flower Moon”.  The murder conspiracy worked because the multi-million dollar oil fortune owned by the Osage could only pass through inheritance.  Thus, people had to die for the oil money to transfer hands.  In order to avoid sinister dealings, the Osage could have used the tool of “Last Wills and Testaments” to direct their money.  Unfortunately many of the Osage at this time did not make a will.

While becoming a murder victim over a fortune is not likely to happen to most of us, it is still important to understand how to make a will.  This will help your surviving family members with the grieving and distribution process.  It could avoid long term feuds due to fights over intestate estates.

Make a Will in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law is fairly clear on the process of how to make a will in Okmulgee.  Before you start though, you must be a legal adult.  No will is valid if it is by someone under the age of 18.  Next, is the will format.  It can be typed or hand-written.  It can also be a verbal statement.  Finally, there must be witnesses who know this is you will.  For typed wills, you must have two witnesses and you must sign the will in front of them.

You must completely type a will if you choose to type it.  This does not include the signatures.  However, if the will is not fully typed, it may be an invalid will.  This would put the estate into intestate status and break the will up according to inheritance law and not according to the deceased’s wishes.  If your will is by hand, then it is a holographic will.  This requires the entire will to be hand-written, signed, and dated by you.

The final type of will is a verbal will.  It is a nuncupative will.  These are rare and generally only hold valid for military or emergency workers who pass away in the line of duty.  It is a bequeathing of property less than $1,000 and must have two witnesses to the statement.  There is no writing requirement.

Legal Support

Oklahoma’s legal requirements appear straight-forward.  However, when you get into the nitty gritty of how to make a will in Okmulgee, the smallest mistake could invalidate the entire will.  Get help making a will from one of our Oklmulgee lawyers. Let us support you in creating your will.  This way you can rest easy knowing your estate will divide in the manner you choose