How To Calculate Child Support in Okmulgee County

Child Support in Okmulgee County

Calculating child support in Okmulgee County is hot topic. In any legal decision regarding parents separating who have a child, child support and custody becomes the number one legal issue.  As a result, over 30,000 single parents in Oklahoma are the recipients of child support for their child-rearing expenses.  This is only slightly over 50% of the single-parent households in Oklahoma who are eligible for child support though.  Therefore, knowing your rights regarding child support is very important.  Especially with so many people who may be caught up in the legal system regarding support who are not currently paying or receiving payments.

Calculating Support in Oklahoma

Determining the Amount the Child Needs:

Oklahoma has certain statutes that govern the calculations of child support.  These are: 43 O.S. §§ 118-120.  Section 118 sets out a list of factors that the State considers when calculating child support:

  1. Number of Children in the home (including from other family situations)
  2. The housing expenses and circumstances surrounding it.
  3. Food expenses.
  4. Transportation expenses between the custodial and non-custodial parent.
  5. Basic expenses regarding public education. (School supplies, clothing, etc)
  6. Clothing expenses for the child.
  7. Entertainment for the child.

Calculating What Each Parent Must Provide:

These factors determine the amount of money the child is in need of on a regular basis.  It further helps with the calculation, which you will find under Section 118D.  The calculation takes into account another set of factors:

  1. Gross income of both parents.
  2. The %-age each parent contributes to the gross income.
  3. The number of overnights stays per parent.

These allow the percentage of contribution of each parent to be applied to the necessary monthly expenses of the child.  So, for instance, if one parent makes 30% of the gross income of both parents added together.  Then that parent will only be required to pay 30% of the child’s expenses in child support.  Each payment is due on a specific date each month.

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Oklahoma DHS Forms

The Oklahoma DHS in Okmulgee provides several forms and spreadsheets to help you calculate the approximate amount of child support you may owe or have an entitlement to.  You can find it here. The calculator intends to make the math easier for you and also to make the process faster.

Legal Help in Okmulgee

If you are in need of legal help when it comes to calculating your child support in Okmulgee County then we can be of service.  Our Okmulgee attorneys have years of experience fighting to the proper child support amounts in regard to employment and other circumstances.  Your first consultation is free.  Call our offices for help.