How Do I Get Joint Custody of My Kids in Okmulgee County?

Get joint custody

Working towards getting joint custody can be a long process. In Okmulgee County, many parents seeking to maintain a relationship with their children post-divorce or separation opt for these arrangements. These can involve both physical custody and legal custody. Each parent’s situation will determine which one will be a better fit for them. Because of this, understanding the process is important for parents who believe that it will serve the best interests of their children.

Understanding the Basics of Joint Custody

Joint custody in Oklahoma can be one of two types: joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Joint legal custody allows both parents to make decisions about their child’s upbringing. Alternatively, joint physical custody dictates the living arrangements of the minor child. Knowing the differences between these distinctions is essential when determining what you are seeking after a divorce or separation.

For joint physical custody, the court will often require a Physical Custody Schedule. This will outline the days the child will be with each parent during the week or month, as well as the holiday schedules. Additionally, the court may need a Joint Custody Agreement. This document details the rules each party will need to follow while the child is in their custody. Often, the pleading will be something the parents agree on and will help aid in co-parenting.

Evaluating Your Custody Situation

Before pursuing joint custody, you should evaluate your situation honestly. Consider your co-parenting relationship with the other parent and your ability to cooperate on parenting matters. This arrangement works best when both parents can communicate effectively and put aside their differences for the well-being of the children. A detailed parenting plan is critical in these cases. This plan should outline how you and the other parent will handle daily responsibilities, including:

  • The child’s living arrangements and the schedule for going between homes.
  • How decisions about education, health care, and extracurricular activities will be made.
  • How holidays, birthdays, and vacations will be shared.
  • How to handle any future discrepancies.

The more thorough you are when creating your parenting plan, the less likely you are to encounter future issues. However, it’s also important to include both parent’s desires in the creation of the parenting plan to make the rest of the process go smoother. Some parents will opt into using a talking parents app in order to facilitate communication about the children for this reason.

Filing For Joint Custody

In most matters of divorce or legal separation, one person usually files the petition that kicks off the custody matters. If both parties agree to the divorce or separation, one of you will need to file a formal petition in the Okmulgee County family court. After this happens, both parties can enter into agreed temporary orders. This order both of you will sign, as well as any legal counsel that you hire. Throughout this process, you both will follow the temporary orders until the decree finalizes.

However, if the matter goes to court because you cannot reach an agreement or as part of the court’s validation process, you must prepare to explain why this arrangement is in the best interest of your child. The court will consider various factors in their final decision. These may include each parent’s ability to provide a stable environment, the child’s relationships with each parent, and the parents’ willingness to support one another’s relationship with the child. It’s important to note that the Oklahoma court system often favors joint custody over sole legal custody. This is because it prioritizes the child maintaining a stable homelife as well as healthy relationships with both parents. The court never wishes for the family structure to be at the detriment to the children that are involved.

Okmulgee Child Custody Lawyers

Obtaining joint custody in Okmulgee County requires diligent preparation and cooperation. For many parents, this arrangement ensures that they both remain a part of their children’s lives following a separation or divorce. In joint custody arrangements, both parties are responsible for maintaining the safety and wellbeing of the child’s needs. Although it can be hard, children should have healthy relationships with both parents if circumstances can allow it. It’s highly recommended that you always consult with a family law attorney regarding custody decisions. They can provide guidance and experience to help your specific circumstances and navigate the complexities of the family court system with you.

Although it can be a difficult process, it’s not impossible. If you’re hoping to seek joint custody, our team at Okmulgee Lawyers can help you. For a free and confidential consultation with one of our child custody attorneys, call us at 918-621-8083. You can also click here to ask a free online legal question. To learn about other legal topics, check out our Okmulgee law blog.