Harboring a Fugitive in Okmulgee County

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Harboring a fugitive in Okmulgee County is not only in movies or local folklore.  In fact, it still happens here in Oklahoma.  For example, recently a man was arrested on first-degree murder charges.  He was a fugitive in the possible gang-related killing of Joseph Angelo.  According to Oklahoma City authorities, Bracey Perry kept a low-profile in the home of Lydia Dixon.  Because of his presence in her home, Ms. Dixon is now facing charges of harboring a fugitive.  It is not clear if Ms. Dixon knew of the charges against Perry or not.  Regardless, harboring a fugitive charges are subject to stringent legal penalties and require superior legal defense.

Harboring a Fugitive:  The Elements

Legal explanation of harboring a fugitive is under Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 440(A).  Basically any aid or purposeful concealment of a person running from the law and its punishment is harboring.  You may be “aiding” or “equipping” a fugitive if you provide clothing, shelter, food, a vehicle and/or travel money.  Charges could be more severe if you give a fugitive weaponry for their flight.


Harboring a Fugitive: Legal Consequences

Harboring a fugitive is a serious crime in Oklahoma.  If you “knowingly” provide aid or equipment to a fugitive, you automatically face felony charges.  In this particular situation, imprisonment may last up to 10 years.  Also, the fugitive does not need to actually be convicted of the crime for you to face these charges.  Fugitives may also be minors.  Regardless of the age-status of a fugitive, all legal punishments are the same.

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We understand that sometime even association with wrongfully accused people may make you a legal target.  Let us fight for your freedom and a fair legal outcome.  We can tailor a defense from your specific situation in order to best support you and your interests.  If you’ve been charged with a felony give our Okmulgee attorneys a call.