Hand Injuries at Work

Hand Injuries at Work

Hand Injuries at Work are covered by Oklahoma workers compensation law. There are over a million people who experience an on the job hand injury annually.  These come from repetitive use, machine injuries, etc.  So repeating clicking a mouse, typing, or even constant movement in a mechanic shop can cause eventual long term injury.  However, there are other situations that can also cause a hand injury at work.  For example, protecting yourself from a falling object or getting your hands caught in a machine are generally singular incidents.

Hand Anatomy and Hand Injury

Everyone’s hand is built with a set of nerves, bones, and muscles that allow for movement and dexterity.  This is a system of over 27 bones.  Within this network of nerves are three main ones that account for the majority of hand feeling.  They are the ulnar, the radial, and the median nerves.  The ulnar nerve allows you to use the grasping functions of your hand.  Further, the radial nerve generally stabilizes the hand.  Finally, the median nerve allows you to use your fine motor skills such as pinching and holding objects.  As a result, this is the nerve that receives the most damage in carpal tunnel cases.

Hand Injury Compensation Laws

Oklahoma requires workers compensation insurance for employers to help pay for on the job injuries of employees.  Hand injuries are part of this coverage.  However, in order to claim your medical expenses and lost wages, you must follow certain steps in reporting your hand injuries at work.  These include:

  1. Notify your supervisor or immediate authority of your hand injury. You should notify them as soon as you recognize you have an injury.  Make sure the injury is documented by you and by the supervisor.
  2. File an accident report and keep a copy for yourself.
  3. Provide your employer a formal request for time off, lost wages, and medical expenses. You should make this in writing and again keep a copy for yourself.
  4. Contact an attorney to file a Form 3.

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Okmulgee Workers Comp Attorneys

Hand Injuries at Work are painful. It is important to have a competent Oklmulgee work injury lawyer on your side when you begin filing your workman’s comp claims.  With the Oklahoma laws changing so rapidly it can be hard to keep up.  Make sure your claim is solid by hiring an attorney to help you review and oversee the process.