How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy in Okmulgee

Cost To File Bankruptcy

The cost to file a bankruptcy in Okmulgee County can seem confusing. One reason is that you really don’t know what you’re getting for your money. The reality is that unlike the cost of a consumer good or other products that you purchase on a day to day basis its not every day that you file bankruptcy. Adding more confusion to understanding what it cost to file bankruptcy is the different types of bankruptcy available. In this blog post I’ll limit the cost of filing bankruptcy to what we charge. Other bankruptcy lawyers charge different prices, so speaking for them isn’t something I can do.

Chapter 7 Attorney Fees

Among other fees, a chapter 7 bankruptcy includes both the filing fee and an attorney fee. The attorney fee covers many different costs depending on what the attorney wants to include. For most attorneys this fee includes your initial consultation and the appearance at court they have to make. The fee also includes the cost of preparing all of the schedules. It should also include the cost of preparing and filing any reaffirmation agreements that need filed. Most consumers discover a wide range in attorneys fees. A typical range extends between $1000. on up to $1500. The important thing to find out is does this fee include the filing and the cost of reaffirmation agreements. If not you might be paying to much.

Chapter 13 Attorney Fees

The attorneys fees for a chapter 13 are much more than for a chapter 7. The reason for this is that the work required in a chapter 13 is much more than in a chapter 7. Just like any other type of bankruptcy the fees include many different things depending on the attorney. Also, filing a chapter 13 has filing fees associated with it. Its important to ask the attorney if the fee you’re quoted includes that fee. Just like a chapter 7 a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney fee includes the preparation of your schedules and the appearance at court.

The fees associated with this kind of case include the cost of preparing your repayment plan and setting up a budget for you. Most attorneys charge a range between $2800 and $3500 for a chapter 13. Always ask your attorney if they’re charging you on a flat fee for the case or if they intend to bill you hourly once they have a certain amount of hours in. Unlike a chapter 7, which is required not to exceed a certain fee amount, a chapter 13 attorney is allowed to submit billing to the court depending on the work. If the court approves the additional cost this cost is added to your repayment plan.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Chapter 7 filing fees are the same regardless of which bankruptcy Court you file your case in The fee for a chapter 7 is $335.00

Chapter 13 Filing fees are also the same through the State. The filing fee for a chapter 13 case is $310.00

Reaffirmation fees in bankruptcy. A reaffirmation agreement is an agreement that you make with a creditor if you intend to keep collateral after you file your case. An example of this is a car or house that you’re making payments on and intend to keep after you file. The amount attorneys charge for this is all over the board. It can range from $100.00 on up-to $200.00. We don’t charge anything for reaffirmation agreements its simply part of the flat fee we charge.

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

A requirement before you can file your case is that you take a bankruptcy court approved credit counseling. This doesn’t require that you leave your home and attend a credit counseling class. Rather, its an on line class you take and its pretty easy. Once you take the online course they issue a certificate. The certificate is sent to your attorney who in-turn files it with your case. The cost is about $20.00 to $30.00