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Common law marriage

Making the decision to divorce or remarry is a big decision that requires lots of forethought. If your potential marriage didn’t come with a license or have a ceremony you may still be married. Common law marriage in Okmulgee is a valid marriage but there are very strict requirements that must be met. Not all states recognize common law marriage but Oklahoma does. In Oklahoma, a common law marriage is recognized when a couple intends an exclusive relationship with each-other and they hold themselves out as married. in the event that you meet the requirements and the Court finds that you are common law married you may need the help from an Okmulgee common law divorce lawyer.

Elements of Common Law Marriage

  • The two people must have an agreement between them to be married
  • The couple should hold themselves out as being in a permanent relationship
  • The couple must be in an exclusive relationship
  • The parties must cohabitate as married

Common Law Divorce in Okmulgee

If you are common law married there are certain obligations that the parties have to each other. If both parties agree that they’re common law married than there isn’t anyCommon Law marriage need for a hearing. On the other hand if one of the parties disputes the marriage the disputes going to be decided after a hearing in front of one of the Okmulgee family law judges. 

At the hearing the Okmulgee divorce lawyers will apply the elements of the common law marriage requirements to the facts of your particular case. An example of this may be that if the couple filed taxes together and in the tax filing they claimed they were married. This could be argued by one of the divorce lawyers as evidence of an agreement between the parties to be married. 

Other evidence may be supported by joint ownership of assets, sharing a last name, listing each other as beneficiaries on life insurance policies. In every case the evidence must show by clear and convincing standards that the parties are in fact common law married. 

Family Lawyers in Okmulgee

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