Harboring a Fugitive in Okmulgee County

Okmulgee Lawyers

Harboring a fugitive in Okmulgee County is not only in movies or local folklore.  In fact, it still happens here in Oklahoma.  For example, recently a man was arrested on first-degree murder charges.  He was a fugitive in the possible gang-related killing of Joseph Angelo.  According to Oklahoma City authorities, Bracey Perry kept a low-profile in the home of Lydia Dixon.  Because of his…

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Attorney Explains Assault and Battery in Okmulgee

A Sand Springs man was recently arrested and booked on assault and battery charges for attacking his son.  According to police documents, the man’s son found him drinking at his home after being released from rehab.  When the son confronted the man, the man attacked him with a dual-edge machete, which cut his son’s hand.  While not a classic case of assault and/or battery,…

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