Dog Bite Lawyers in Oklmulgee

Okmulgee dog bite lawyers

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Okmulgee County you need help from one of our Dog bite lawyers in Okmulgee. If you’ve been bitten by a dog or attacked by any kind of animal you know how terrifying this is. From physical injuries on to potential psychological injuries its important that you get the facts regarding your legal rights. Dog-lover or not,…

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Okmulgee Bankruptcy Attorneys

Okmulgee bankruptcy attorneys

Our Okmulgee bankruptcy attorneys can help you file bankruptcy fast. Each year, through out the United States, tens of thousands of people file for bankruptcy. In Okmulgee County alone hundreds of cases are filed each year. Bankruptcy is a federal process that helps you get rid of a large portion of your debt. Although its a federal law, there are many aspects of the…

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Okmulgee Common Law Marriage Lawyers

Common law marriage

Making the decision to divorce or remarry is a big decision that requires lots of forethought. If your potential marriage didn’t come with a license or have a ceremony you may still be married. Common law marriage in Okmulgee is a valid marriage but there are very strict requirements that must be met. Not all states recognize common law marriage but Oklahoma does. In…

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Possession of Prescription Drugs in Okmulgee

Possession of prescription drugs

Oklahoma Watch reports in a 2016 article that 59% of fatal overdoses in Oklahoma were from prescription drug abuse.  The three leading prescription drugs causing overdoses were:  Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Alprazolam (Xanax).  Some doctors report that people come in with overdoses who have habits reaching close to $300/day on prescription pills.  As a result, Oklahoma increased penalties on possession of prescription drugs. Fortunately for…

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Modify Child Support in Okmulgee

Modify child support

Custody and child support is a long-term process.  When a person pays child support it generally lasts for years.  This means that a person paying child support will have the opportunity to go through several life changes before the payments end.  For example, it’s common that a person paying child support will change jobs more than once during the time the support order is…

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How To Make a Will in Okmulgee

How to make a will

The importance of knowing How to make a will in Okmulgee is illustrated by the following story. You may have heard of the Osage Indian nation murders over their oil fortune.  It’s now in a book “Killers of the Flower Moon”.  The murder conspiracy worked because the multi-million dollar oil fortune owned by the Osage could only pass through inheritance.  Thus, people had to…

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